Staff Testimonials

We’re proud to share praise from our awesome employees!

“I’ve worked at a lot of agencies, but this is the one I call home. I feel like they care about me as a person, not just as another employee or a number. They do all they can to work around my schedule.”

— Teke

“I absolutely love working for Accessible Staffing! The staff seems easy going and fun. I enjoy being able to work the days and hours I want. When I am not available, they always ask if everything is okay and I really appreciate this!”

— Jessica

“I have worked for Accessible Staffing for 9 years. If I ever have issues at a facility, they support me all the way. I really enjoy working for the company and don’t see myself working anywhere else!”

— Melina

“I’ve loved working for this company. The management team is amazing. They care about you being the right fit. On a scale of 1–10, I give them a solid 10!”

— Kalisha

“Great company! Efficient, caring and organized. Always approachable and work with your schedule so you can have a life and a job at the same time!”

— Amanda, RN

“I’ve been working for Accessible Staffing for a year and a half now. And I couldn’t be happier! They really make you feel like you’re more than just an employee. Accessible Staffing is truly a company that makes you feel like you’re family. They are the best staffing company in Iowa. I’m very satisfied that I chose Accessible, and very happy they hired me! Ten stars in my book!”

— Maria